Siebel Harmonized Team

Extension Model

Coming together is a beginning
Keeping together is progress
Working together is success 

Henry Ford

Unitask USA Harmonized Team Extension Model
Add a missing skillset to your team while enforcing in-house strategic competencies.
  • Exercise greater project control, and improve communication within the team
  • Support existing self organizing practices to harmonize extended team
  • Bring more agility to extended team and support delivery of quality outcomes
Our Work Ethics

Time is money, delivering assignments on time.

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Accountability - our reputation depends on how we act.

customer support

Knowing your team, understanding goals and interdependencies.

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Mannered professionals following netiquette.

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Bringing structure to complexity.

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Paying attention to priorities and getting stuff done.

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Co-existing, collaborating, managing conflicts.

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Avoiding barriers, listening and paying attention.

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Accepting diversity, practicing humble inquiry.

Cultural Compatibility
Best resul
We practice a low-context culture, where facts and figures are of the most importance. Productivity depends on procedures and attention to the goals. We are personally committed to your project success.
Effective communication
Our professionals are open to challenges and can deal with confrontation. Messages are explicit, and communication is seen as a way of exchanging information, ideas and opinions. Disagreement is depersonalized.
Time is money
Events and tasks are scheduled and to be done at particular times. Change is fast, and time is a commodity to be spent or saved, and speed is valued.

Siebel Harmonized Team Extension takes experience


Harmonized Team Extension for Oracle Siebel is a talent sourcing strategy. We start with identifying gaps in Siebel skill sets or bandwidth of existing teams and offer experienced specialists fully equipped to fill these gaps and harmonize Siebel practice.

We believe that this approach results in the least onboarding effort and higher team acceptance and adoption.

Siebel Harmonized Team Extension offers an immediate access to needed Siebel specialists, empowering the team to scale productivity and address business outcomes with more agility.

We practice a culture of shared knowledge and mutual respect while encouraging frequent, timely, accurate, problem solving communications with in-house Siebel team and management.

We maintain Siebel skills maturity resource pool and are structured to address multiple Siebel skill gaps on-demand.

We ensure protection of your intellectual property, enterprise data and customer data: every Sibel specialist signs a personal NDA and operates on a need to know basis required to accomplish a task at hand.

How do we assure your success with Harmonized Team Extension?

Kick-off: agreement on expectations, skill sets, processes, communication protocols and collaboration tools.
KPI based continuous feedback: responsiveness, availability, quality, risk visibility Consistent knowledge transfer

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