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Call Center Operational Analytics Cisco UCCE

Why Unitask USA?


We acquired deep and detailed UCCE schema expertise


We developed Best business practices for effective Operational Analytics


We built OBIEE component library, allowing sophisticated Dashboard interactions, with content auto-wired together and participating in active event framework

Agile Contact Center

What if our customers would have charged us for every minute they wait?

It could change the Contact Center economics and metrics we use to drive our operational decisions.

We all strive to deliver the best of our product and service to every customer. Actionable Contact Center operational metrics are critical to remove constraints and execute a continuous process of improvement. Higher effectiveness delivers better value to the customer and brings you closer to fulfilling company’s vision and enhancing company’s brand.

Increased productivity reduces operating unit cost and liberates funds for innovation and your abilities to adapt to rapid market changes.

As a true Cisco UCCE professional you are very familiar with the different operational views and the data elements they provide. You have learned to trust your intuition and your team to bring all hands on deck, collaborate and get to the bottom of every critical problem in the Contact Center.

Are you spending valuable resources wrangling UCCE data in spreadsheets to identify what’s really happening shift to shift, day to day, month to month?

How could you improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and productivity if you had All the right information that fits your needs at the fingertips?

Operational Analytics tell a story and empower you to deliver optimal Contact Center performance consistently and address small problems, before they balloon.

Accurately and consistently

Recognize change
Alert management
Identify root cause
Advise process adjustments
Negotiate with stakeholders the optimal solution
Execute the solution rapidly

This is good management

It will earn you a seat at the table to better understand corporate business strategies, to share voice of the customer and offer a trusted advice about possible customer impacts.

You would have the visibility to influence alignment with current contact center capabilities, elevate the awareness for Contact Center process reengineering and ask for additional resources to implement the new executive vision and policies.

What insights could you expect from Operational Analytics in Real Time?

  1. Your KPIs
  2. Call Categories
  3. Skill Groups
  4. Correlations
  5. Trends, Statistics and Control Charts
  6. Campaigns
  7. Agent productivity
  8. Real Time Wallboards

Why Oracle BI?

High-performance enterprise BI platform
OBIEE is an efficient operational analytics tool and proven high-performance enterprise BI platform. We leverage the «just-in-time-ETL» capabilities to lower your Operational Analytics solution TCO, eliminating both the upfront investment and future lifecycle Data Warehouse and ETL maintenance costs.
Our expertise and experience with Oracle BI
We have successfully implemented Call Center Operational Analytics projects worldwide, leveraging OBIEE, from a single call center to global multi-site call centers.

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